Domino Nights

from by Cotterill & Kearns



Written years ago for the semi-legendary Hunch Retro, this was a quite loud rock/pop song when Andy did the demo on his 4-track. Cotterill & Kearns have turned down the volume and added a big dollop of Chris Isaak guitar.


Everyone knows you, so I'm the villain
But I'm not like the others
Could be happy, could be endless
A script for would-be lovers

If you'd only smile I'd trace the lines
If you only talk I'd take the time
Is there room in youre heart for me?
If you only cry I'd kiss the tears away
If you'd laugh all night I'd watch you sleep all day
Is there room in your heart for me?

I wouldn't have come all this way for nothing
I believe in self-repect
But if you give me just half a story
What else do you expect?

(repeat chorus)

We're not as close as I think we ought to be
And you move further away from me
When I tihnk of us sometimes
It's like I'm throwing away my life

(repeat chorus)


from Demonstration, released February 27, 2009
Song ©2000 Paul Hill & Andrew Cotterill
Recording ©2008 Andrew Cotterill & Robert Kearns


all rights reserved



Cotterill & Kearns Shrewsbury

We used to play and write just for the hell of it, then went down an electronica diversion and it sort of petered out.

We still make music.

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